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Pesticide Impurity
Impurity analysis and synthesis is a key step during the registration of a new pesticide product. Full-component analysis of the impurities is now an essential part of the pesticide registration. Impurity of more than 0.1 % content is required for qualitative and quantitative detection. In the actual production process of pesticide companies, different conditions, raw materials, synthetic routes may give completely different impurities while producing the same pesticide product. The impurities have a great impact on the properties of pesticides, toxicology, etc. Residuals in food may cause harm to consumers or environmental pollution.
We aid pesticide analytical laboratory for full-component analysis by providing pesticide impurity custom synthesis service. Our advantages lie in
1. We specialize in chemical custom synthesis.  We have a team of doctoral, masters and undergraduates with a number of patents and high levels of academic publications. The company has completed the synthesis of more than 10,000 small molecules accumulating competitive chemical synthesis experience;
2. We have a wealth of knowledge of organic synthesis. We can assist in the analysis of possible impurities from the production process route and spectra results;
3. We focus on pesticide impurities. Currently we have finished dozens of independent research and developed common pesticide impurity standards library. We developed most pesticide impurities standards listed by FAO. We have the most complete library of standard pesticide impurities in China, which enable our customer finish the full-component analysis report within 2-3 months.
4. Credibility. Because of the long-term service in the development of new drug molecule synthesis, synthesis of pharmaceuticals and pesticide impurities, process optimization, we know the importance of technological security to our customers in these areas. During the entire company management, staff management, project development process, we have established a strict confidentiality system to ensure that there is no any latent danger of information leaking.


Add: Hangzhou Yuhao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd  Tel: +86-571-82693216 82880190  Fax: +86-571-82880190  
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